Delaware Accordion Club
Keeping Alive the Sound
of an Old World Instrument

About Us

Joe Oberly and Joe Alexander, with help and encouragement from Stan Darrow of the Acme Accordion School, in Westmont, NJ, formed the club back in October 1998. We appointed Joe Oberly our President, and Joe Alexander picked up the job of Secretary-Treasurer, and Editor of the newsletter. Recently member Gary Robinson took over the Secretary-Treasurer’s job. At our monthly meetings we usually start with a short business meeting. After that we take turns playing. It’s an open-mic kind of affair. You just get up and play for about fifteen minutes, if you feel like it. Joe Alexander has been acting as Master of Ceremonies. We have amplifiers, microphones, music stands and chairs available. We usually bring and play our own accordions but we also enjoy trying other member’s accordions. All levels of accordionists are encouraged to participate, and do, everything from beginners to professionals. There are no pressures, competitions, or particular requirements. You don’t have to play if you don’t feel like it, but after while, everyone usually wants to give it a whirl. Sometimes we even take turns playing back-up accordion. Near the end of the afternoon we might even jam a little. There is quite a bit of socializing. We encourage members to bring guests. We help each other. We don’t have paid performers, although they are welcomed to join us as guests and potential members. For those who wish to receive paper copies of the newsletter and other correspondence we ask for a contribution, generally $10 or less per year, to cover this expense. Families and guests are very important to us and we encourage them to come anytime. They are always cordially welcome.


Meeting Location

River Club Apartments
7807 Governor Printz Blvd
Claymont, Delaware 19703